Our products

At ECHT we pay attention to everything that grows and flourishes and we cook along with the seasons as much as we can. Our products are homemade, fresh and without artificial additives. Most of our products are organic, as long as it does not affect the taste.

Juices & Smoothies

Our juices and smoothies are freshly prepared every single day. Just to let you taste the real flavour of fruit and vegetables. This way you can enjoy a tasteful and sound smoothie breakfast or energy boost during the day.


We are fans of Spot on Coffeeroasters from Amsterdam, a young entrepreneur with a great passion for coffee. Every week they roast our signature coffee, a fair trade organic single origin 100% arabica coffee bean from Guatemala. Also available in bags of 250 grams or 1 kilogram to take home.

Pie & Cake

We prepare all of our pies and cakes ourselves. So we know what is in there. We alternate our very Bretons apple pie with vegan, gluten- and sugar-free alternatives.

Would you like to enjoy these at home or at work? Every cake can be pre-ordered as a half or whole. Please order them a day in advance.