Eat happiness

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About Echt

In 2010 we started dreaming about our own cafe where real food is normal and accessible.
We created a place where our own need to conscious and pure food in a restaurant became reality.

No modified or convenience food, but real homemade food and drinks. That is we believe in. We love to share the taste of real food and the way it makes you feel. Happy and healthy!

We never use any artificial ingredients. Our products are homemade, fresh and free of unnecessary additives. We love to work with organic ingredients and preferably use products from local suppliers with shared ambitions in life.

At ECHT we make conscious decisions. That is what you will taste and experience.


We are real foodlovers and we like to surprise our guests with new dishes and drinks. Everything you eat or drink at ECHT is carefully thought out and prepared. We enjoy good flavours and conscious choices. Often healthy, sometimes sugarfree, and sometimes not at all. As long as it’s real.

We prefer to prepare everything ourselves and get good products close by. Are there any leftovers? Then we will figure something out for the menu or we eat it at home. That is how we like to contribute to a beautiful world.